About allthe.domains

Moving to the Cloud

When we started allthe.domains we knew that SuperFast, reliable hosting at a fair price, bundled with expert support when needed are requirements for any great hosting provider.

As part of this mission we have continuously monitored how well our hosting performs and looked for ways to make it even better.

Today we're taking our offering up a notch, we're moving to using Google Cloud for all our Shared cPanel hosting customers which will help us ensure the highest levels of reliability and performance - with no change in price.

We've kept a keen eye on ensuring this change does not negatively impact customers performance. To ensure this benefits all our customers we have been benchmarking speed, reliability and performance over the last month until we were completely satisfied that the new Cloud Hosting is even better at compressing sites to keep them small and reliably fast!


Why Google?

We reviewed a variety of cloud providers, and decided Google as a trusted name with a proven track record with managing infrastructure was the right choice for allthe.domains, and our customers.

With incredible reliability, this ensures the infrastructure our customers used will continue to be refreshed with no disruption to your websites - No downtime while moving to new server every two years!

Cloud offers unbeatable instant mitigation of issues, hardware, network, capacity - all handled automatically by expert engineers to keep your website online.

Same great location (London, UK), even better network - We're utilising Google's London region ensuring we stay close to our UK customers, with vastly improved network capacity and connectivity.

To ensure all our customers benefit from this we will be migrating customers to the new platform over the next 10 days.

We'd love to answer any questions you have, just reply send us an email or hop on chat by clicking "Let's Chat" in the bottom corner!