These terms apply to the Managed WordPress hosting service and detail key aspects of how we manage these accounts and what is and isn't included. Our General Terms & Conditions and associated policies also apply.

What is "Managed"?

We strive to offer a fully Managed WordPress service, providing personal friendly service so you can focus on your WordPress blog/website.

Our management includes:

WordPress Install & Configuration: When you order we will get in touch and gather some details from you. We will then set up and configure your new WordPress website to your specific requirements. We will also configure some of our favourite plugins to help optimise and secure your WordPress website.

As standard you will have an Editor/Manager login to WordPress so that our UK experts can manage the tech stuff for you.

CDN, Tuning & Optimisation: We will configure your new WordPress site to ensure it works optimally with our multi-layer server caching technologies so it's super speedy. We'll also configure any applicable CDN. For most packages we will configure the JetPack Photon Image CDN.

For customers with the WP Pro or WP Business packages we can configure WordPress to use our partners professional CDN service at no extra charge. The Professional CDN does have a fair use limitation of 50GB/month. Should your usage exceed this we may charge overages of £5/month per 50GB.

We will always contact you in advance and provide the option of disabling the professional CDN instead of paying overages so that the choice is always yours. 

WordPress Migration: If you have an existing WordPress site you'd like to move to our service we can do this for you with our WordPress Migration Service.

Our WP Pro and WP Business plans include FREE WordPress Migrations as part of the package. WP Pro includes 1 WordPress Migration, WP Business includes 2. For the WP Startup, or for additional migrations, there is a £25 one-off migration fee.

Our Website Migration terms will also apply for WordPress Migrations.

WordPress Audit: Our WP Pro and WP Business plans include FREE WordPress Audits. This is a personal service we offer where we will review your WordPress setup and will identify areas which could be improved to help you make the most of your Managed WordPress website.

Our WP Audit includes a full review of your WordPress configuration, a Security Audit where we will ensure your configuration is properly secured and there are no detectable vulnerabilities, and speed testing and optimisation to ensure your website is as quick as it can be. Our Marketing and Copywriting expert will also review your SEO and provide tips on how to improve as well as review your user-engagement and content to try and identify areas you might be able to better engage with your users and help drive your user traffic!

Due to the nature of providing a completely personalised, human-driven audit, we limit how often you may request the audit report to once every 6 months.

On-going management: As standard, we provide customers with a "manager" WordPress login to manage the website content so that our UK experts can manage the tech stuff!

We provide on-going support if you need help or you're looking to add more functionality to your website. We are here to help and provide guidance, configuration, and installation of additional plugins or themes.

It is important to note that should you wish to have a full admin login to WordPress or the overall hosting account we will not be able to provide certain benefits of your package such as, but not limited to, professional CDN.

 What isn't included?

Our management service does not include code development or web design. This means we won't create or design a custom WordPress theme (but we can help install one you own or help you choose a free theme). We also won't develop custom plugins (but we can help you find a quality plugin from the WordPress repository).

We don't write content. We're here to help you manage your WordPress website, but the content (blog posts etc) is down to you.

We do not support eCommerce plugins on WP Startup or WP Pro.

Last updated: 14th July 2018