We know staying online is important which is why we offer a 99.9% service uptime guarantee, excluding planned maintenance or disruptions beyond our reasonable control.

Allthe.domains makes customers aware of planned maintenance on our status centre - you can find this at status.allthe.domains. For planned maintenance expected to cause a service disruption of more than 15 minutes, we will notify affected customers via email. We aim to provide 5 days notice for regular planned maintenance expected to cause a disruption greater than 15 minutes.

How to claim

If we do not live up to this SLA within any calendar month due to unscheduled service disruption, as verified by our network and system monitoring, you may request an account credit for 7 days of service. Customers should raise such requests via a support ticket.

What this SLA does not cover

  • Planned Server Maintenance, as scheduled on our Status Portal.
  • Service disruption caused by things outside our reasonable control, for example terrorism, hacking, or flying monkeys taking a liking to shiney fibre optic cables. 
  • You have overdue invoices on your account or paid the last invoice for the service late.
  • Denial of service attack. While we utilize partnerships with large networks with DDoS mitigation we cannot guarantee full mitigation.


Last updated: 17th October 2018